Unit 9 Reading

The online article discusses how to make a successful infographic by not overloading it with information. It is important to know what facts to leave out and what facts to include. Something that is also important it to include artwork that won’t take away from the objective of the infographic. In the past, people have included images because they look nice but accomplish nothing. The online article says that this is a bad thing to do. He uses the examples of Francesco Muzzi and explains that this infographic uses complex images to explain complex data and it should actually be the opposite. The busy work creates an unsuccessful information graphic. I find myself constantly running into this problem of not knowing how much information is too much information to include. Often times when I’m designing an information graphic I like to think about the target audience and what questions they may have. I then try to answer all of the possible questions in one information graphic which overall becomes unsuccessful because of the business I have created. I think it’s better to focus on one objective and do it well than to try to solve many objectives at once.

This site explains what to avoid when making infographics


This site shows the dos and don’ts of infographics



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