Unit 8 Reading

There are certain things that should be noted about information graphics when creating them. The first thing is the visibility of the functions. If a project has buttons and you want your users to understand and interact with them easily, than they should stand out and relate to the real thing. For example, buttons only should look like buttons in the real world instead of just having text on them. The second thing to note is the feedback. If someone takes an action on an interactive site, the site should give feedback to the user. This reassures users that their actions have been recognized and processed. The next step is to think about the constraints in both design and user experience. For example, designers may disable buttons so users don’t accidentally click them. Consistency is also a key factor. This brings an infographic together by keeping things such as headers and body copy consistent. Cairo also groups the types of interactions into instruction, conversation, manipulations, and exploration. Today, as designers explore the possibilities, it would seem that one information graphic can contain multiple types. Everyone is trying to create the next big thing which is causing people to merge these different types of information graphics.


This link explains how to use interactivity effectively in Information Graphics.


This site outlines simple steps to creating effective information graphics.



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