Unit 7 Reading

In order to stay relevant, people need to pick up different skill sets and become jack-of-all trades. In the past, it may have been okay to specialize in one set of skills but now, with the change in technology, people need a variety of skills in the work force. Companies are pairing designers with engineers to create a better user experience on the web. Academics are also hiring more journalist to increase the public appeal that they lack. Academics are increasing the amount of research they make available to the public and this is where journalist can help. Information graphics have evolved to the point where interactivity is almost the standard. It’s also interesting to see that people can specialize in information graphics and the interactivity of it when information graphics as a whole have not been around too long. One point of view that also caught my attention was when Geoff McGhee explained that web graphics should be viewed as databases and not just narrow summaries of data. The information provided in infographics tells a story and provides useful information to users that can be stored and so it is much more than a summary.

These series of videos explain how data visualization is used by new reporters.


This explains how information graphics benefit people that use them.



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