Project 1


PAX Prime – PAX is one of the largest video game conventions in the world and is held annually in Seattle.  Since it sells out every year, it is very crowded and very difficult to navigate around once inside.  There are many lines in order to demo games or view a companies products and because of this, someone who is attending one day as a pose to four days will not be able to see everything PAX has to offer.  This project will help customers of PAX organize information so that they can see which games have the highest ratings and are worth seeing over others.  It will create a visual map of the event and information on all companies so that people are able to judge for themselves what their priorities are.

NBA Team City Change – This infographic will show the history of all the NBA teams, putting a focus on the cities they have called their home and the names they went by.  It will track teams back as far as 1950, the start of the NBA.  This infographic will also show how many titles were won by an organization and under what name and city.

Blue-fin Tuna Sushi – This project will track the steps it takes to get Blue-fin Tuna sushi from the ocean to the restaurant.  It will start at catching the fish, transferred to the fish market for auction, then cut into different parts, sold to individual restaurants, further cut down and transformed into sushi.

$100 Cheese Steak – This will illustrate what is inside the $100 Cheese Steak sandwich at Barclay Prime.  Each ingredient will also include how much that particular item cost as well as the quantity that is put in.

Bank – This will be an interactive project that will show the layout of a bank.  When someone hovers over the different areas, they are able to see the services offered and a description of what they do.


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